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The Business Corporation as a Political Actor


28 April 2021
15:00 - 17:00

Online seminar on Corporate Finance and the Corporation

Did you miss the seminar? Click here to watch the recording.


In this seminar, we will take a closer look on the current practices of corporate finance, in particular on its normative implications and possibilities for improvement. What kind of investments and behavior does the shareholder paradigm demand from corporations? Why is it problematic? How can we rethink corporate valuation on capital market, so that corporations can conform to some normative standards, such as sustainability or human rights protection?


Prof. Lisa Herzog
Lisa Herzog (PhD, Oxford University, 2011) is associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Center for Philosophy, Politics and Economics of the University of Groningen. She works at the intersection of political philosophy and economics, and has published on the history of political and economic ideas, normative issues around markets (especially financial markets), ethics in organizations, and political epistemology.

Prof. Jerry Davis
Jerry Davis (PhD, Stanford University, 1990) is the Gilbert and Ruth Whitaker Professor of Business Administration at the Ross School of Business and Professor of Sociology, The University of Michigan. His research is concerned with corporate governance, finance and society, and new forms of organizations and he has published widely in management, sociology, and finance.

Prof. John W. Cioffi
John W. Cioffi (PhD, the University of California, Berkeley) is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Riverside. He is the author of “Public Law and Private Power: The Comparative Political Economy of Corporate Governance Reform in the Age of Finance Capitalism” (2010) and has published on comparative law and regulation, with a focus on the comparative political economy of corporate governance, financial regulation, and labor relations.