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The Business Corporation as a Political Actor

Spring Series Online

Spring series online
We have organized a series of online events this spring.
Some of them are seminars: speakers give short presentations, and there is ample time to debate the issues with them. Others are workshops: we ask you to read in advance a work in progress, join the meeting to discuss that draft text. 

All events take place 15.00-17.00 Europe/Amsterdam Time.

Would you like to participate?
Would you like to participate in one or more of the online events? Please register, by sending an e-mail to Abeba Collee: a.c.n.collee@uu.nl. You will then get a Zoom-link to access the event.

Below, you can find an overview of all events. For more information on the topic and the speakers of each particular event, please follow the link:

04/02/2021: seminar I on the Political Theory of the Corporation

18/02/2021: workshop I on the Corporate Social Audit (CSA)

04/03/2021: seminar II on Corporate Governance

18/03/2021: workshop II on Corporate Power (beyond the firm-state analogy)

01/04/2021: seminar III on Corporations and Capitalism

15/04/2021: workshop III (t.b.a.)

28/04/2021: seminar IV on Corporate Finance and the Corporation

20/05/2021: workshop IV (t.b.a.)

03/06/2021: seminar V on Comparative Political Theory of the Corporation

17/06/2021: workshop V (t.b.a.)