The Business Corporation as a Political Actor

Work in Progress…

Here you can read more about each of the project members’ current research interests and plans.

If you would like to learn more about our work in progress or if you see any interesting opportunities for collaboration, please do reach out to us!


Rutger Claassen
The Constitution of the Corporation
I just finished a draft paper on the call for ‘corporate purpose’, in light of the history of corporations. In the draft, co-authored with Michael Bennett, we recall that the chartered corporations of the pre-19th century were guided by (public)... Read more
Chi Kwok
Economic Theories of the Corporation
I am working on two manuscripts. One of them is a comparative political theory paper, in which I examine how contemporary Confucian political theorists theorize economic justice and the role of the business corporation in relevant issues. Ultimately, the paper... Read more
Tully Rector
Multinationals and Globalization
Freedom is mediated through institutions, and the corporate form is often legitimated on those grounds, as enacting or embodying free economic agency. I’m still refining a paper on this broad question, looking specifically at the multinational, and the system of... Read more
Barbara Bziuk
Theory of Social Justice for Corporations
The question I am currently working on is: on what grounds can corporations have any responsibility for justice? I am comparing different bases for responsibility attribution, such as capacity and corporate purpose, and am looking at the concepts of individual... Read more
Philipp Stehr
Democratic Accountability of the Corporation
I have just finished a first draft for a paper on the corporation and theories of class. It springs from my impression that political theories of the corporation have very little to say about how to achieve change in corporations... Read more