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The Business Corporation as a Political Actor


1 April 2021
15:00 - 17:00

Online seminar on Corporations and Capitalism

Did you miss the seminar? Click here to watch the recording.


This seminar focuses on larger questions concerning capitalism as a system of socio-political ordering, and the place of the corporation within it. How should we define and evaluate capitalism? What’s the most appropriate normative basis for an inquiry into the structure of productive enterprise? In what ways do capitalism’s virtues and vices depend on the ontology and agency of corporations? If command over capital is a form of political power, what does that imply for the corporate form?


Prof. Rebecca Henderson
Rebecca Henderson is John and Natty McArthur Professor at Harvard Business School. Her research explores the degree to which the private sector can play a major role in building a more sustainable economy, focusing particularly on the relationships between organizational purpose, innovation and productivity in high performance organizations. Her most recent book is “Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire” (Public Affairs, 2020).

Prof. Nicholas Vrousalis
Nicholas Vrousalis is an associate professor in Practical Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research revolves around distributive ethics, democratic theory, the history of political though, and Marxism. He currently directs the Vidi project “Inequality against Freedom”, which studies the relationship between economic inequality, individual freedom, and the labor market.